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Pickens Animal Rescue is a not-for-profit organization located in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in Pickens County, Georgia. We are a small, dedicated group of volunteers working hard to secure forever loving homes for the stray, abandoned and unwanted dogs and cats of Pickens County.

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Our Rescued Pets
Rescue Ranch ResidentPickens Animal Rescue houses approximately 30 dogs and 30 cats every day at our Rescue Ranch. As soon as a pet is adopted, their temporary spot at the Rescue Ranch is filled by a waiting pet that will stay with us until they are adopted too. All animals adopted through PAR are spayed/neutered, current on age appropriate vaccines, receive routine flea/tick prevention as well as all testing and preventatives for heartworms. A simple adoption form is required at the time of the adoption where we ask and trust that you commit to providing loving, responsible pet ownership for your newly adopted family member. PAR is unique in that they offer a one week trial period on all adoptions to ensure the fit is right for both you and the pet. A full adoption refund is returned to you within the trial period if the adoption needs to be voided. If at any time in the future you are unable to keep your adopted PAR pet, we ask that you contact us so that we can assist you in finding a new, loving home for him/her.

Where do our pets come from?
There is typically a waiting period for space to open up at PAR, depending on the age and personality of the pet needing to be placed. PAR also regularly pulls pets from the county’s shelter and places them into our program. In addition to transfers from the shelter, we also work with families that have come into financial hardship or a living situation that prevents them from keeping their own pets. In these situations, we partner with them to find new homes by posting the pets on our website and at times, actually bringing the pet into our program entirely.

Rescue Ranch ResidentRegardless of how the pets come into our program, they all go through a behavior assessment to ensure our staff, potential adopters and volunteers are safe and the pets are healthy. PAR prides itself on over 6,5000 adoptions since we began in 1997.

These Furry Family Members Require A Big Financial Commitment – Are You Ready?

Adopting from a rescue or shelter
Getting your dog from a rescue / shelter is a much cheaper (and, some would argue, more humane) way to go. There are millions of homeless pets in our country looking for a place to call home. Adoption fees vary greatly by area, shelter, and sometimes the age of the pet you’re adopting. Our fee is $150 for most dogs and $75 for most cats.

Why pay at all to adopt that new pet?
You’re helping our rescue organization cover the cost of spaying or neutering the pet, shots, a microchip, an initial exam, and other medical costs such as heartworm or flea medications. Often times the pet has come to us with pre-existing health conditions which also involves additional vet care, medications and a lengthy stay with us before we will allow the dog or cat to be adopted. The longer the rescued pet has been with us, the more money we have invested in the ongoing care. Also, paying the Adoption Fee provides more funds so that we can rescue another homeless pet.

Is this your 1st pet?
Has it been a long time since you’ve had a dog or cat? Here’s some average costs involved in being a responsible pet owner;

Dr. Wellness Exam $44.00 1 x year, Heartworm Test $30.00, Fecal exam for parasites $22.00, Basic Immunizations for dogs $40.00, Rabies $17.00, Microchip $30.00, Spay your female pup $225.00 – $300.00. Neuter your male pup $125.00 – $225.00. Cats require blood work for FIV/leukemia testing $45.00, Immunizations $35.00 + rabies $17. Spay your cat $135 or neuter your male cat $90.00. This does NOT include the food, bedding, crates, toys, boarding (if you travel), sick visits or any cute costumes you may feel inclined to buy at the Pet Boutique!

So, if having a pet or multiple pets will put a financial strain on your household budget, there are other ways you can still enjoy some unconditional, 4 legged love. VOLUNTEER! See our More Ways You Can Help tab on how you can help us, help the animals.

Happy Tails from PAR Pets and Their New Furever Family

Happy endings are the reason we work so hard for our rescues. When we see a dog or cat find a wonderful home it makes us so happy we can hardly stand it! To watch the animal’s journey from being no one’s loved boy or girl to a cherished family member inspires us and keeps us doing this good work. We love hearing about PAR rescues who are living wonderful lives in their forever homes and would love to hear from you!

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