2016 Most Beautiful Pet In Pickens
Congratulations to ROB Edge!

My name is ROB and I belong to Bobbie Edge, but the ownership should actually be reversed! People say to her, “I know you! I see you walking with your three legged-dog!” My friends at Grandview Health Care Center talk to me, pet me and try to understand that I can run as fast as the wind! Some have said that they wish people could adapt to handicaps as easily as I have. VOTE for me and I’ll proudly represent the Pets at Pickens Animal Rescue who are waiting to find their furever home.

BOB the cat – PAR Thrift Store Cat
VOTE FOR BOB for The Most Beautiful Pet. She’s fluffy, she’s sassy and she runs the store. We call her our greeter, but she’s Oh, SO much more. She’s a purr-a-matic, fur-contributing, boss-lady cat. Must be in the middle of things, and that’s that. Go-go boots come with her summer haircut. She a real fashionista, just watch her strut. She’s our sweet little tyrant with gorgeous thick fur. Most beautiful pet? It HAS to be her!
NOLA – Flat Coat Retriever/mix
Nola was our 1st Pickens Animal Rescue pet. We adopted her when she was 6 months old after seeing people pass her up at adoption events, “because she was so shy”. She is now 9 years old and has been a sweet, gracious companion to us and her 3 fur-sisters. Nola has also shared her home with 9 other Foster Furkids. Nola holds a special place in our hearts because her heart is HUGE!

Merlin, Most Beautiful Pet
From a shivering, shy guy grew this handsome, kind wizard Velcro-ed to Ma’s side, won’t hurt fly or lizard. Helps out at the store, and oh so much more
He’s a couch potato that sleeps on the floor. A handsome, black dude with a pearly, white smile. He’s walked with his mom for many a mile. Brings joy and smiles wherever he goes. Gotta be THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PET, Heaven knows.
WINTER – 4 yr old Manx/Siamese mix
When I first saw Winter it was love at first sight. I instantly fell in love with his beautiful blue eyes. He has beautiful gray and silver markings and unique swirl patterns all over his body and he is tailless. I was working at a veterinary clinic when Winter was brought in. He was dropped off for boarding and never picked up. I immediately knew I wanted to adopt him and take him home. Winter had officially been rescued.

DAISY – Bassett Hound
Daisy loves to just be lazy, but don’t let that fool you she can be spunky and she is also rampant with emotion even though you can’t see it. She loves to be pet, especially belly rubs those are her favorite. Daisy loves men and she gets their attention pretty well. I think Daisy should be Pickens Most beautiful, because she is just like the flower, delicate, simple and beautiful.
CASSIE is one of our five rescue cats in our family. She also happens to be a Pickens Animal Rescue kitty. We were asked to foster her for a long weekend about nine years ago. After two days of kitten love from Cassie we knew that we were adopting her! She loves to play with water from a faucet, balls of paper and strings, always look beautiful and is always ready for a nap with any willing participant and simply has the sweetest personality. Vote for Cassie today. Hey, in this election you can vote early and often!

MAVERICK – 9 Months old GSD
Maverick came to us as a puppy, he had a life threatening injury. He is growing fast, eats lots. I think he may have been a goat in another life. Nothing like having a big GSD bring you a roll of slobbery toilet paper or find a nice TP trail through the house. I’ve had to put TP in a drawer to keep the cats from unrolling it but the dog? Please research breeds before buying or adopting to make sure the dog is a fit for your family.
Meet GEMMA the Morkie!
This sweet little girl is two years old. She loves people and is friendly as can be! She is beautiful to us because she brings happiness wherever she goes and to anyone she meets. Gemma will make a great Pet Ambassador for the Rescued Pets of PAR – she will wear her Most Beautiful Pet Crown with pride! Please cast your VOTE for GEMMA.

MITTENS Muffaletto came to our Talking Rock Creek home under amazing circumstances in 2012. Someone had left this beautiful cat near one of the gate entrances to our community when he was tiny, and the poor kitten was huddling under the mailbox pods, meowing loudly. When Wendy came out of the car to see, he meowed again and came over. We decided to find him a home – ours! – and he graces it with his beauty. Please VOTE for Mittens – thanks for your support! CASH – He’s a pit bull/mastiff mix. He’s the sweetest boy I’ve ever met and he wouldn’t hurt a fly. He has a sister who’s a kitten that he absolutely loves name Hildy. In this picture we were celebrating his 1st birthday on June 1st. He sure did love his party hat! I think Cash should win because not only is he handsome but he puts that silly pittbull stereotype to rest because he’s loving to everyone he meets! Please VOTE for CASH!

LORETTA- 10 month old Miniature Schnauzer
I might be small but I have a lot to say. I never meet a stranger and I’m full of love and energy. You might see me in a dress or a sports jersey. I don’t mind getting my paws dirty when there’s work to be done. Vote for me.
JOJO- Cavalier, is a re home. She is 5 1/2 yrs old. We have had her 4.5 yrs. now and she is my shadow. Cavaliers are known as love sponges, and that is true. They are both the sweetest girls on the planet :)​

NOVA was adopted from Pickens Animal Rescue in February 2015, she will be two years old this December. She is full of energy and loves to be the center of attention. Her favorite thing to do is boss around her 60 lb pitbull brother. Nova has been a great addition to our family and we are happy to call her ours! KATIE MAE – Beagle Age 2. We rescued her after she had been dumped by the hunter/owner because she would not hunt anymore and pregnant. While in rescue, she had her pups. After they were all adopted, SHE FOUND HER FOREVER HOME WITH US! As you can see she has made herself right at home.

Hello! We are Bocephus (Bloodhound) and Flossy Sue (Blue Tick)! Our mom wanted to enter us in this contest so everyone else could enjoy our exceptionally good looks. We decided to enter together because we stick close to each other all the time. Our favorite hobbies include eating, basking in the sun, going on rides, swimming, playing ball, and spending time with our 2 legged family members. We believe we should be the most beautiful pet(s) because, well come on just look at us! Thank you for your consideration! FELONY is my female red nose pitbull. Felony was born in Dalton. I will never forget the day, we brought her home. The big snow storm happened, was freezing & We couldn’t even make it up the driveway. Mama had three Rolly-Polly female pups. We picked her and named her FELONY. I was so depressed at the time we got her, and having her in our home breathed life back into me. I don’t know what I would do without her. I love her so much. l love her expressions and everything she does. She loves to give kisses, and will always brighten up your day. Felony saved my life, she is the best pup ever. Please vote for her.

GRACIE LULU is a tiny rat terrier with a HUGE personality! She LOVES everyone she meets. Gracie always has a toy in her mouth – sometimes even when she’s sleeping! Her hobbies include chasing the goats, getting on the kitchen countertops by way of the back of the sofa, and chewing up paper-toilet tissue, magazines, photos, you name it – she’s not picky! Gracie also stays busy running her own business – check out her page on Facebook at GracieLulu. A vote for Gracie will help animals in need find loving, forever homes! THANK YOU! DOODLES – This beautiful girl joined our family in February of 2006 when we found about a 3 month old fuzz ball playing in the leaves near our front door when we came home from work. She proved herself to be not only beautiful , but smart as she taught her older and younger siblings to sit and wait until breakfast was served. Today, she serves as the Director of Top Deck of squirrel chasing and still loves to go hiking.

GRACIE – she came into our lives in the winter of 2010 when our neighbor rescued her and her very young pup . We said we would foster Gracie, but as fate would have it….she was ours forever. She is still quite the mother to the other 3 dogs and loves to groom her brothers. She is a sweetie! Hi! My name is DEWEY SUE. I am the mascot and official door greeted at Town & Country Pet Mart. My best friend is Bailey the store cat. We lay together and we eat out of the same bowl. I love cat food ! I also love crickets. If I hear the word “cricket” I come running and quacking. Please vote for me and help Pickens Animal Rescue cause I am awesome !

KOKO is an 8 year old Yorkie that’s a mommy’s girl.. She’s very sweet and loving. Koko’s favorite activity is sleeping and belly rubs. Koko is always willing to try out her mommy’s new grooming techniques… This sweet girl knows how to wear a crown! Hi, my name is DIESEL. My mom, Michele Ramick, rescued me 3 years ago. I had spent my life tied up and neglected. I use to dream of having a warm bed, good food and lots of love, only to end up in a shelter. The day my mom and her sister came into the shelter, was the day my dream finally came true! I’m having a great life now. I love my new mom and dad. We are a furever family!

PEANUT (brown) and SIR (black). I’ve had Peanut since he was born, he’s 10 years old and was my dads dog before he passed away. Sir is from the Animal Shelter of Pickens Co. , we’ve only had him for 2 months now. He is shy around new people, but after he gets comfortable he’s running around and loves playing with Peanut. They are best friends. Please vote for my beautiful boys and help the homeless babies. Hi! My parents and all my friends call me ABBY BO or Grand Mama! I am a 16-year-old Newfoundland mix that was a rescue from Pickens Animal Rescue 15 ½ years ago. I was a little fur ball that has turned into a small bear look alike. I love it when people see me and think I am a pet black bear because I have a happy smile and I look like a big black puffball when my coat grows out. A lady at Walmart asked my dad how did he capture a bear and get me in his car. Hilarious, I am cuter than a bear!

My name is Bentley and my mom says I’m spoiled rotten. I think that means I am a very good boy and very sweet!
I am a Pomapoo (Pomeranian/ Poodle) mix and turned 3 in July. Some people call me a doodle dog. My favorite things are cheese, tennis balls, sticks, stuffies, and belly rubs. And everyone tells me I am very cute! If you vote for me, I will give you puppy kisses.
WOODY is my buddy. He is a well behaved pit bull. He is a loyal and steady companion always wanting to be with me, never getting in the way. He started off with me as a rescue puppy. I am so glad we found each other. He got his name due to his love of gnawing harmlessly on wood. Woody is definitely my happy pet. This is why I believe folks should vote for Woody.

Meet Killer. He’s a one year old Pit mix. He was a puppy dumped off at a co worker of my husbands house when he came to us, that’s where his name came from. He’s the sweetest dog you could meet, very playful, any kind of ball he sees becomes his or he chases and plays with you for it. He is even afraid of bees, like becomes frozen until they move on afraid. He has become a very outgoing dog, visits to the vet involve lots of pets and meeting everyone. Vote for the vocal and usually happy, unless you take his ball, killer.